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Disney Frozen - Shapies Premix+ Cookie Tin

Disney Frozen - Shapies Premix+ Cookie Tin

Let your little royalty flaunt her personalise-able cookie tin filled with delicious, healthy and very easy to make Ragi & almond flour cookies! The cookie premix pack comes with all the essentials needed to bake these yummies.

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The combo contains a premix box + cookie tin. 
The Premix pack has 2 packs of Ragi cookie mix 100g each, 1 pack of sprinkles & 1 pack of choco chips, parchment paper & the recipe booklet!

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What are the ingredients in shapies?

Ragi flour, Whole Wheat flour, Jaggery, Almond flour and Baking soda.

What is the shelf life of a box of shapies?

The shelf life of shapies mix is 9 months from the date of manufacture. 

Are shapies sugar-free?

Shapies mix is free from refined sugars. It is made with jaggery only. 

Do shapies contain artificial flavours & colours?

No, they do not. There are no added flavours or colours in this mix. 

How many cookies can be made with one sachet (100gm) of the mix?

One sachet of the mix can make around 12-14 cookies (may vary based on size, shape and thickness).

What do I need to make my shapies?

To make shapies, you will need 100g of the Shapies mix, 35g soft butter (room temperature), 20g choco chips (optional) and 5ml milk. 

What type of butter do I need to use?

You can use either salted or unsalted soft butter which has been kept out at room temperature. You don’t need to melt the butter into a liquid form. 

Why do you need to refrigerate the dough?

Once the cookie dough is made, it needs to be rested in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Resting in the fridge allows the dough to bind and makes it easier to handle while rolling and shaping the dough. Don’t skip this step :).

For how long do the cookies need to be baked inside the oven?

Cookies should be baked for 10 minutes at 180 deg C in a pre-heated oven. If you would like to have crispier cookies, bake them for an extra minute. 

Should the cookies be cooled down after baking?

Yes, once baked, the cookies will be soft to touch and should be left to cool for about 10 minutes to get a nice crisp and crunchy texture. 

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