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Popsicle Kit - Choose Your Flavours

Popsicle Kit - Choose Your Flavours

Gift your child 1 set of popsicle moulds 2 packs of 50gm Pop mix - flavour of your choice - this comes in a lovely whipupmagic cloth drawstring bag!

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The Double Pop fun kit comes with 1 set of popsicle moulds  2 packs of 50gm Pop mix - flavour of your choice - this comes in a lovely whipupmagic cloth drawstring bag! Our team will be contacting you once the order is placed for mould and flavour options.

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What are the ingredients in fruit pops?

Real fruit powder is the top ingredient. The other ingredients are sugar and citrus fiber.

What is the shelf life of a box of fruit pops?

12 months from the month of manufacturing.

Are fruit pops sugar-free?

No, they are not sugar free. Each serving of Fruit Pop (1 fruit popsicle) contains ~6g of sugar (that is equal to around 1.5 tsp of sugar).

This is less than half the sugar contained in the popular popsicles available in the market.

Do fruit pops contain artificial flavours & colours?

No, they do not. They are made with natural colours and nature identical flavours.

How many fruit pops can be made with one box?

One box (200g) of fruit pops can make 12 fruit pops.

One box (200g) has 4 pouches of 50g each. Each pouch can make 3 fruit pops.

What do I need to make my fruit pops?

To make Fruit Pops you need just 150ml of water, 1 pouch of fruit pop mix and popsicle moulds.

If you don’t have moulds, you could freeze them in ice trays as well. 

For how long do I need to freeze the fruit pops?

The fruit pops must be frozen for at least 6-12 hours, some popsicles set faster and this depends on the capacity of your freezer at home.  

How can I get my fruit pops out of the mould?

 You can either dip the popsicle in a glass of water for 10-15 seconds or hold the popsicle mould under running water for 10-15 seconds to de-mould them easily.

Can I add any other real fruit to my fruit pops?

Yes, absolutely! You can add fruits, or chia seeds or basil (sabja) seeds or anything else you fancy to jazz up your fruit pop creations! 

Where can I get the moulds to freeze my fruit pops?

The ‘All fruits go Pop! (with Moulds)’ on the website has moulds (set of 6) included in the pack.

We recommend that you buy that box.

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