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Amidst the everyday hustle, it is but the obvious that we love turning to some voguish celebrity news to unwind ourselves. Food and flavours have nonetheless been the biggest part of our lives but how cool is it to know that some of your favourite celebrities can pull things off amazingly in their kitchens as well? Tit-bits coming right away!



It’s surprisingly cute that the B-Town’s most celebrated couple exhibit competent culinary skills. With the Miss World bringing expertise with everything sweet, Mr. Bachchan has got his best hands on chicken curries. He is an expert at making Dahi chicken curry which is prominent across the industry. An episode of Farah Khan’s famous show Farah Ki Dawaat has beautifully captured him making his signature Dahi chicken curry, all yummy and healthy. Not just that, he can roll out the perfect parathas too! His outstanding cooking did take the host and everyone there by surprise. Interestingly, he relieves his stress through cooking. Abhishek has always stated that his wife is a wonderful cook and that there hasn’t been any dish of hers that he has not liked.

Aishwarya is always seen cooking with great love and passion and her halwa, the first customary sweet she made after their wedding is still talked about. Aishwarya got to be a part of a Seva in the Golden Temple and has talked about how much she relished making parathas there. She definitely did enjoy the food and the work in the kitchen. Just like how many of us get it from our mommas, Aishwarya picked up some great Mangalorean dishes from her mother. In fact, it was when she was helping her mother out in the kitchen that she discovered her passion and ability to cook. Guess we now know what exactly to do if we’re sceptical about our cooking skills! The couple is always up for authentic Indian food, preferably home cooked.

With Abhishek’s spice and Aishwarya’s everything nice, the couple displays sheer cooking goals.



Now, if you’re a foodie who is all conscious about what you eat, then Shilpa Shetty Kundra is who you need to follow. Amidst her yogas and workout regimes, what we might be missing is her wholesome cookery. Despite her intense schedule, her passion for cooking and serving her family right has allowed her to add her recipes on her very own YouTube channel under the head, “The Art of Loving Food”. Nevertheless, the title definitely speaks for itself. Her motto, ‘Swast Raho, Mast Raho’ which means stay healthy, stay cool emphasises her perception on food.
Also, this quarantine has given her enough time to polish and exhibit her culinary skills. The YouTube channel drops in a new recipe every ‘Tasty Thursday’ and they are surely worth the try. They are clearly stated, healthy and well put together. Her recipes range from soups and salads to pastries and ice creams. Be it her choco pops, pudding, berry smoothie or chicken pulao, appetite and indulgence are the words that would constantly linger throughout the video. She’s also got some great desi food recipes on her list.

She greatly advocates naturally sourced food materials over artificial substitutes, especially for sugar. Honey, powered jaggery and the new coconut sugar can be great substitutes. Her cooking was greatly impressive in the celebrity Big Brother show. Her love for food is intriguingly endless. One of her Instagram highlights that comprises of various food pictures that are highly descriptive and of course healthy proves it just right. Not just that, she is a proud owner of the Bastian, a restaurant of aesthetics and luxury, serving Asian and American cuisine in Mumbai. And oh! her book titled “the Diary of a Domestic Diva” is a must have on your shelf if you are too confused or find cooking a tad more tedious. The actress has compiled about ninety quick recipes that’ll get you grooving in your kitchen! She has also co- authored other bestselling books like The Great Indian Diet and Magic Immunity Pill Lifestyle.

Yes, Shilpa is constantly switching hats with great finesse but with regard to her love for food, she has undoubtedly taken it to a completely different level!



This quarantine has unleashed yet another amazing baker and cook in B-town. A foodie herself, Kriti Sanon has baked some delicious items that are a sight to behold. Every little item she makes is clearly just getting better and better. The actress never displayed any visible interest for cooking initially. However, her role in Raabta as a chocolatier called for her knowledge in the art of chocolate making. On taking up classes for the same, the actress discovered her ability especially after her mentor said that her hands co-ordinated really well. She was surprised to find herself thoroughly enjoying and loved every bit of her experience. Perhaps, one can see every bit of professionalism in her cooking results this lockdown.

Her Quinoa oats banana cake leaves you looking for a knife. The caramel custard and the perfectly baked soft roll buns with a hint of seasoning are the ideal cravings you can’t resist. Not emphasising enough on her beautifully baked chocolate tart would make it an understatement. Kriti managed to bake off a decadent chocolate tart on Mother’s day that has left all chocolate lovers longing for one. A tart as appealing as that is surely an extraordinary expertise. Her multigrain chocolate babka has become a sensation on the internet. A healthy touch in most of her recipes is notable. She has also made chicken in mushroom sauce and masala prawn curry that left her realising how much she loved cooking. But of all the dishes she managed to accomplish this quarantine, she’s had a special liking for her bread pudding.

For a girl who started off with little to no interest in cooking, Kriti has undeniably set some exceptional standards!

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