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Natural Cocoa Powder

Natural Cocoa Powder

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* The Select Aisle’s Natural Cocoa Powder is made from the finest quality cocoa beans which is perfect to make any chocolatey product without any hassle.
* The Select Aisle’s Natural Cocoa Powder can be used to make your intense chocolatey cookies, cakes, muffins, tarts, and other baked goodies.
* Packed in a convenient 250g zipseal kraft paper stand up pouch for easy use and storage assuring you freshness
* Use our Natural Cocoa Powder for all the recipes which call for baking soda for better product outcome to treat your taste buds. The Select Aisle's Natural Cocoa Powder can also be drizzled/dusted on top of Tiramisu to give a perfect finish.
* Store in a cool, hygienic, and dry place. Avoid moisture.

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