The Key to Keto Baking The Select Aisle

The Key to Keto Baking

Gautami Govindrajan

The ketogenic diet has become extremely popular due to its health benefits. It is a low-carb, high-fat diet that helps boost wellness. Switching to the keto diet doesn’t need to mean swearing off desserts. Keto-friendly baking can help you have the best of both worlds!

Syrupy Sweetness: Molasses in Baking The Select Aisle

Syrupy Sweetness: Molasses in Baking

Gautami Govindrajan

Molasses is a thick syrup formed as a by-product of the cane sugar production process. The juice extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets is boiled to produce sugar crystals. Once the sugar is removed, the remaining liquid is a sweet, dark, viscous liquid: molasses. 

Feasting with Yeast The Select Aisle

Feasting with Yeast

Gautami Govindrajan

The right leavening agent is often the key to a perfect baked good. These ingredients help the baked goods rise and give them an airy texture. One such popular leavening agent is yeast. 

Deliciousness in Full Bloom The Select Aisle

Deliciousness in Full Bloom

Gautami Govindrajan

All of us can probably remember watching delightfully wobbly jelly desserts in cartoons from our childhood. If you’ve ever wondered what the secret behind the wonderful wobble of these desserts is: you’ve come to the right place. The answer is gelatin!

Pod-sitively delicious The Select Aisle

Pod-sitively delicious

Anusha Ganesh

Vanilla is the most commonly used baking ingredient ever! It’s almost too hard to miss this ingredient in any baking recipe (unless it’s savory). It’s the star ingredient of popular baked goods like vanilla sponge cakes and buttercream. So let’s get down to the basics of vanilla and learn about this little celebrity!

The Rainbow of Food Colouring The Select Aisle

The Rainbow of Food Colouring

Gautami Govindrajan

Baking is a visual experience, and there’s nothing like that perfect pop of colour to make your dessert even more appealing. From coloured cakes, candies and icing, food colouring can be an indispensable tool in a baker’s pantry - which is why we’ve curated this blog to make things easier for you!

The Miracle of Self Raising Flour The Select Aisle

The Miracle of Self Raising Flour

Gautami Govindrajan

Flour is one of the quintessential building blocks for baking and can be found in any baker’s arsenal. What happens when flour and leavening agents are combined to make a super-ingredient? Just like magic we get self-raising flour! 

Let your Cake Rise! The Select Aisle

Let your Cake Rise!

Nandhini Chandrasekaran

Nobody likes a dense and flat cake or pastry. Half of what makes a baked good delicious is its texture. The secret behind a soft and fluffy cake or a pastry is the factor of leavening so lets learn a bit about that!

Flours and it's Different Types The Select Aisle

Flours and it's Different Types

Anusha Ganesh

When it comes to baking one of the first things that come to mind is flour. Almost all of the commonly known baked goods are mainly made using flour. In recent times there has been a wide range of flours to enter the market. But do you actually know what flour is and it's differences?

Vegan Gelatin Replacers for Beginners The Select Aisle

Vegan Gelatin Replacers for Beginners

Rose James 

Vegan alternatives for gelatin isn't all that limited as you'd imagine. Here's a gateway to know all about vegan alternatives to regular gelatin, read further to augment your culinary experience. 

Dutch Process vs Natural Cocoa Powder

Anusha Ganesh 

Let's talk about the difference between natural and dutch processed cocoa powder. In layman’s terms, they can simply be differentiated by colour. One is darker than the other but like everything else this also has a scientific explanation behind it.

We're Going Loco about Coconuts

Rose James 

You heard us right, not wheat or almond flour but coconut flour. You’re probably wondering why we need to shift from the traditional baking flour and we’re here to tell you why!