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Disposable Piping Bag

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  • The Select Aisle’s  piping bag provides a cost-effective solution for those who prefer the convenience of disposable piping bags without compromising on quality
  • Easy to handle and use, with a comfortable grip for extended decorating sessions, making them suitable for both professionals and home bakers
  • Ready-to-use and disposable, saving time on cleaning and preparation, especially beneficial for busy kitchens or home bakers.
  • The Select Aisle piping bags can be used to neatly dispense muffin or cupcake batter into baking cups, minimizing mess and ensuring consistent portion sizes.
  • Useful for piping melted chocolate into molds, creating chocolate decorations, or adding details to candies and confections.
  • Ideal for intricate cake decorations, such as piping frosting borders, writing messages, creating floral designs, and adding fine details to cakes.
  • Useful for applying icing or royal icing to cookies, allowing for precise detailing and creative designs.

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